Hospitality Services provides training in food safety (ServSafe), responsible alcohol service (Tips), and HACCP programs
for the Washington D.C. area (D.C., MD, and VA).  We stay abreast of the local department priorities and policy changes.

    You are busy and it's important to you.  We keep the training relevant, effective, and time efficient.    
    1/2 Day Tips training
    Two day ServSafe classes; one may be home study
Our Services:
    Provide excellent food safety knowledge for both management and staff
    Give management the tools to motivate associates to proper practices
    Make responsible alcohol service an easy and normal part of operations
    Guide establishments in HACCP protocol

 Other Offerings:
    Onsight Classes tailored to your business needs
    Proctoring of ServSafe for quick results
    Interaction with Federal inspectors for Health Care and Retirement facilities

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            It can happen - An unfavorable report from the Health Department or cited by the Alcohol Control Board.
We can provide quick assistance.

  Large or small, every establishment is required to have a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point program..

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Training for ServSafe
 Provided for educational operations fulfilling vocational requirements.

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Festivals, Fundraisers or your organizations kitchen.
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